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new oc supernatural game my friends are doing! [16 Jan 2019|08:21pm]
Little Bear
In the sleepy San Bernadino town of Little Bear, supernatural beings and humans co-exist peacefully. The six gods enjoy watching their mortal subjects, occasionally granting boons or smiting where they see fit. Vampires and werewolves, humans and others, enjoy a peace born of cooperation. Even the hell mouth over the Denny's only belches demons intermittently.

But the seventh god, the forgotten one, has spent too long out of the sun. And now he is returning, his powers coming into their own as he seeks to prove himself worthy of the title of god once more.

How calm can this small town remain as the forgotten one tries to prove himself in its small staging ground? How long before the other gods intervene with their own servants? Is that a demon trying to get another coffee at the Denny's counter?

Little Bear is a calm, friendly game in the style of Fantasy High, Adventure Zone, or Welcome to Night Vale, focusing on ordinary supernatural people who are dealing with the gods using their town as a playground.

Game starts 26 January.

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